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Araucaria 3.1



Araucaria v3.1 is distributed as a self-extracting zip file for Windows and Linux, and as a self-installer for Windows only. For the self-installer, download the file, run it, and follow the instuctions as it guides you through the setup process. For the self-extracting zip files, download the file to an appropriate directory or folder, run it, and it will produce an Araucaria3_1 folder. Double click araucaria.exe (or on UNIX platforms, or Araucaria3_1 on Mac) to run Araucaria. For each platform, you can opt for a zip that includes the Java Virtual Machine (VM), or, if you have installed Java 1.5 in the past, without the VM. (Note that on the Mac, Araucaria is provided as a runnable .jar file)




For further information, or if you experience any difficulties, go to the Araucaria home page or mail


Araucaria has been developed as free software by Glenn Rowe and Chris Reed in the Argumentation Research Group at the School of Computing, University of Dundee. The software is released under the GNU General Public License.

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